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Tiscali s.p.a. is an Italian telecommunications company, based in Cagliari, Sardinia, that provides internet and telecommunications services to its domestic market. It previously had operations in other European nations through its acquisition of many smaller European Internet Service Providers in the late 1990s.

A disappointed customer shared this on Trustpilot "Shockingly bad. Had Tiscali and their email, which is my main address and I've now been without it for weeks, just says words to the effect of not active/not authorized when I try to use my email client to log in. Talk Talk have no interest whatsoever in helping, all their guides are TalkTalk email based. After multiple phone calls finally spoke to someone today after an hour but then he abruptly put the phone down and said there was a technical issue. I'm a pensioner and am not overly-familiar with all the settings involved, but my neighbor has looked at the Tiscali/TalkTalk forum and seen people in the same situation going back to 2018 with TalkTalk refusing to communicate with them. I'm putting together a letter to Ofcom as this seems like the only way to resolve the issue. I'm quite disgusted that Ofcom lets TalkTalk getaway with this behavior. Ofcom is funded by the taxpayer if I am not mistaken, what use are they? Let's disband them now, they are useless and the country needs the cash. Of course if they are jointly funded by phone companies/ISPs this would explain their ineffectiveness".


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Exempleado - Anonymous says

"Todo: ambiente laboral tóxico, mala gestión y ausencia de Recursos Humanos"

Peter says

"Terrible company trapping email in their servers for ages. Then claim it’s because of iPhone. So struggling to contact my sister with important legal documents."

Kelly says

"I wish I could give this company -5 stars, they are the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with! No customer service response after 3 days of no internet and calling plus texting continually. The only time I was able to chat with someone via cell phone was in order to find out how to dump this service so I can actually have functioning WiFi at home. Save yourself the pain, money and serious hassle and avoid this company at all costs!"

Abid says

"i have tiscali line land and internet connection last 6 years and from 26.11.2019 my line have been completely out of order . i have also registered complain regarding this problem but still no response . Even i called to the help line to stop my service but they are not ready. I really very disappointed to the service tiscali."

Nuno says

"Professional liars. Worst scum of The earth. Dont work with them cause They Will Lie all The time and You Will have To pay loads of Money Just to get in contact with them."

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